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Working with any client involves a great deal of empathy for the ethos of their organisation and, ultimately, what you are trying to do is to temporarily become part of their world.  This is never more true than when working with charities and organisations who operate within more sensitive fields. 

Therefore, when we were approached by Ashgate Hospicecare, we were all extremely aware that we would need to hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability and care for the subject matter we were dealing with. When we started the process of pitching ideas to Ashgate, we thought it was vital to tell real, human stories that got to the heart of who Ashgate are and the level of care, respect and dignity that they provide to all people who need to access their support. 

We pitched the idea that we should tell the story of a current patient, from their perspective, in their words and the words of their family. We were fully aware that, given the nature of the care that Ashgate provide, finding a current patient who would be brave enough to tell their story would be challenging. Not to mention being sensitive to the wishes of their friends and family at what is undoubtedly a challenging and very personal time. 

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We therefore felt incredibly lucky that a patient of Ashgate called Fran had agreed to take part and that her wonderful husband Andy had also agreed to be interviewed. For them to let us into their lives, to welcome us into their home and allow us to meet their amazing son Xander was a true privilege and one that at times, was overwhelmingly heartbreaking. I cannot begin to explain the level of courage and dignity with which this incredible family approached the process and life in general.  We were also blown away by the dedication and hard work of everybody we encountered at Ashgate. Every single member of the team that work there give everything  to ensure that the work they do is of real benefit to the patients and their families.

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Since completing the project we have been taken aback by the feedback from the team at Ashgate, the community and the audiences that have taken the time to watch the piece either online or at the open air cinema events.

We feel honoured to have had the chance to get to know Fran and her family and tell their story. Hopefully the work we have done pays tribute to Fran and encourages many people to support the amazing service that Ashgate Hospicecare provide. 

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