University Of Sheffield

Defeye Creative - University Of Sheffield

The University Of Sheffield invited us to pitch ideas/designs for a collection of 10 publications for prospective new students enrolling in 2015/16 academic year. The work shown here forms part of our creative submission and ‘on the day pitch’. 

Utilising print publications that directly target individual offer holders are a powerful tool in order to get under the skin of the brand and proposition. Making a commitment that reinforces attitudes and beliefs that match a belief system is key. Communication effects are greatest when the message is in line with the receiver's existing opinion, beliefs and dispositions. A strategic route to achieving shared beliefs and intended goals must be a transference of focus from a functional benefit to an emotional benefit. This will establish brand superiority. 

In conclusion, tell a story throughout various touch-points, although help the offer holder to shape their story through a tried and tested medium that adds value and credibility.