Why Is Collaboration Ace!

That's Why Collaboration Is Ace!

The creative possibilities can be limitless when collaborating — Idea, execution and teamwork meet to become sublimely engaging. We'll kick off with my thoughts of collaboration within Defeye Creative from a graphic designer's perspective. 

When we launched Defeye Creative our aim was to build and develop an ecosystem that would support and nurture the relationship between our creative specialisms. Cross platform collaboration is the bedrock in which our past successes have been built and is the heartbeat for our future success. I see the collaborative process as a collection of small oranges and other fruits — I am aware that this sounds daft, but stay with me!

Lets say a whole orange represents a project during the research and initial idea's stage. The orange has a set amount of segments, some with pips and some without. Each segment represent the ability and form of research and the pips represent ideas that come from the research. 

One whole orange worth of segments is okay, but can be creatively restrictive. Adding more oranges to the process will add more segments and pips — Although there will only be one perspective being explored. You may find that the early stages of a project could be crushed under the weight of all those oranges!

Diversify ideas and execute bigger outcomes by including sliced pineapple, watermelon and strawberries. With only oranges you can make a nice smooth orange juice, but mix your oranges with pineapple, strawberries and watermelon and you could make a lovely refreshing mixed fruit juice.

As daft as that sounded the point is through cross-discipline-collaboration we have been able to develop a more expansive project approach and cross self imposed restrictions that previously could not be crossed compared to working in relative isolation with someone who works within the same discipline.

Within our team there is a positive mix of opinions, beliefs and creative intent present as well as a balanced mix of complementary personalities both introvert and extrovert, big picture thinkers and analytical thinkers.  I am more an introspective person working in a team of extroverts, big picture thinkers and analytical thinkers — This suits the way that I work as a designer as it creates more intriguing visual and conceptual opportunities whilst extending beyond the initial contemplative stage. 

Blending our personalities together on a project brief leads to beautifully rounded research, ideas, concepts and outcomes, draws from a far bigger creative pool and raises our individual and collective 'game'.

I'm lucky enough to work on cross platform projects with a diverse team and as a graphic designer, this is ace. Idea development is broader, which leads to wider creative possibilities with an enhanced ability to span disciplines. As a team we can experiment confidently, transfer learning experiences from each others specialist discipline and have fun whilst doing so. This is why collaboration is ace!