Showreel 2016


Lets be honest. 2016 was the shittiest of shitty years for the planet as a whole. Events have transpired to wrestle from us some great creative talent, elevate a knuckle dragging, wretched human being to a position of unimaginable power and empowered the most insular, xenophobic and racist factions of our tiny island. Like I said. Shitty.

It would be easy in this climate to lose sight of the amazing things that go on in our own lives as they get lost against this backdrop of pessimism. So it is with slight hesitance and a great amount of vacillation that I have finally been able to make the following statement.

2016 was a great year for us here at Defeye.

We've worked with some great clients, amazing talent and basically had a ball. Looking back on our film output for the year it was amazing to see the broad variety of content that we had created. During the year, when you're caught up in the constant flow of work, you never get time to fully reflect on what you have achieved. Cutting together our showreel was a great way of identifying how our style is constantly evolving.

Like all professional reflection I've identified plenty of things I would do differently on future projects and identified several things that have worked brilliantly. The overwhelming feeling that this process has left me with is that of excitement. Excited to meet our future clients, excited to rise to future challenges and excited to see our continuing development as a group of creative professionals. 

If you've wandered onto our blog and have watched our showreel I hope you've enjoyed it. Here's to hoping that 2017 is a great year for you all and remember to celebrate your own success. It shines a little light in otherwise dark times.

We'd also like to say a big thank you to the people we've worked with and for at;

Sheffield City Region Inward Investment
The Sheffield College
Chesterfield College
Learning Unlimited
Destination Chesterfield
Chesterfield Borough Council
hlw Keeble Hawson Solicitors
Icetope Technologies
XPO Logistics
My HR Toolkit
Gowercroft Joinery
Fieldings Porter Solicitors
Forged Films
Queens Park Sports Centre