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Creating Unified Video Content.
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For the past 12 months we have been working with Chesterfield College to create a coherent and unified collection of video content that communicates with current and potential students.

The brief we were set was to create aesthetically exciting accompaniments to enhance the student experience on various online platforms. We set about identifying styles of production that students were used to consuming so that they could transition easily from consumption of entertainment content into consumption of college content. 

We looked at brand advertisements and online viral content from various brands that tested well amongst the core 16-18 year old demographic that makes up the vast majority of the student body. We identified a need for the content to be quick paced, cinematic in style and driven by music.


1. UCAS HE Promo

2. HE Lecturer Profile


We broke down the content we were creating into three distinct categories; Social Media, Main Site & Curriculum Support. We created slight variations on the agreed style to sit in those different categories, with content created for social media platforms to included staff profiles, student activities and events coverage. We then considered how content created for the main site needed to be more cinematic in style, with a strong sense of narrative. 

The third area of content was what we defined as curriculum support and has included ‘how to’ guides for students and staff to utilise as part of their tutorial curriculum with a simpler, graphics led approach that feels easy to interpret, whilst still maintaining a strong visual link to the other work. 


3. Tyre Change Challenge

4. #teamchesterfield


We believe that whole point of a project like this is to bring to life the heart and soul of the college, representing the student experience in a way that current students can identify with, whilst acting as a recruitment tool for prospective students. We believe that the work we have created over the last 12 months shows the college to be forward thinking, exciting and at the same time familiar.

The success of the project can be measured in the recruitment data for 2016/17 as the college has confounded a demographic dip in available students to recruit healthy student numbers for the coming academic year. The video content we have created has also generated over 20,000 views across the different platforms, generating positive feedback from students, staff and other stakeholders.

Here’s to another 12 months of working with the amazing young people at Chesterfield College. 

Check out the whole collection on our vimeo page by clicking here.


5. Halloween Makeup Tutorial

6. Food & Drink Awards 2015

7. Cotyso Apprentice Case Study

8. Freshers Week 2015 Highlights

Matthew Pritchard