Happy New Year!

2017 — Happy New Year!

Hello, 2017! The past year has flown-by and I suspect this year will continue that trend. I think that 2016 was a good year from a business point of view and from a personal perspective, too.

As far as making New Year's resolutions are concerned, I tend not to make any bold claims or base any lifestyle changes from a position of negativity as I prefer to have specific goals that can be rooted from a positive perspective.  Although, like a focused competitor I want us to continue to build on 2016's success as a creative company and as human-people as well.

Okay, I will give some positive goals for what I would like to see from us (and myself) this year:

— Continue to be good, respectful and professional human-people.
— Continue to diversify our creative proposition.
— Continue to do good work for good people.
— Continue to learn, help to develop and enjoy the world around us!

To wrap up my short informal post I shall say that 2016 has been really good to us and I suspect that 2017 will be an even better year for us, too. Keep an eye on our blog and website this year, it is going to be exciting!

Happy New Year!