Capturing A Brand

Defeye Creative - Capturing A Brand

There are a lot of moving parts to any brand and transferring an emotional benefit into a functional benefit is the key factor in heightening participation and eliciting a transaction from a core target market. 

Brand Position & Growth: 

Position – Firstly consider the brand position and direction of the organisation or institution you are working with and begin to understand their expected brand proposition and/or position. 

Research – Expect to draw from initial research of the economic, educational and living climate along with historic growth and opportunity for future developments. 

Brand Architecture & Development – Understand the architecture, ability and performance of umbrella, family and corporate brands – these commonly work with endorsed brands, sub brands and individual product brands. How will the ‘overall brand’ perform and what is the scope.



A Unified Voice – The consumer is interested in one unified voice that speaks directly to them and they would like to understand the message in order to make positive brand choices.

Loyalty & Reward – Consumers are aware that any organisation has many far-reaching tentacles, but never-the-less consumers of services and/or products want to their loyalty and purchase purpose connected with superiority and reward – Be it consciously or not.


Company Stakeholders:

Fostering Positivity – Creating a positive brand experience is not only the responsibility of a creative company, but the responsibility of all stakeholders within an organisation. 

Social Media Channels – Social media and marketing channels offer a greater level transparency for all of the collaborating stakeholders, employers, employees, sellers and distributors to be aware of. 

Perception And Impact – Emotional impact and perception can be damaged through lack of vision, brand integration, brand management and proposition. 

Brand-Product-Consumer – Create a link between product and producer that otherwise was not previously conscious. 


Brand Language:

Brand Values – For leadership and motivational situations, branding language helps to promote brand values and is sometimes treated as a commodity alongside the actual products and company. 


In Summary:

During branding projects identify and capture a spirit, credibility and emotion that may connect with the core audience whilst demonstrating a strong narrative. Develop a specific visual brand language with various touch-points in mind and how these will evolve during a predetermined lifespan. This can be fostered by the client to help potential customers to connect specific ideas and ideals together with logic and ease.