Derwent Pulse

Derwent Pulse was a light flow project the length of the Derwent that explored the river and its heritage, commisioned by Charles Monkhouse. The project involved a host of amazing creative individuals creating and documenting an awe inspiring flowing light installation from the Derwent's Pennine source to the mouth of the Trent. Our challenge was to frame the project within an effective but unobtrusive archive website, allowing the viewer to follow the project from start to finish in chronological order.


Follow The River

The pulsing LED orbs were the life-blood of the light flow, which happened to be the perfect representation for the logo mark and overall identity. The website archives images of the orbs journey, therefore each web page remains static with a carousel slider cycling through the journey from start to finish. Descriptions of various events hosted at each town, village or hamlet on the journey can be found on the top corner, never impeding the beautiful imagery. It remains a very simple website approach —  with huge impact!